Two kennel sizes available! Large (4'x20') and Extra-large (5'x25')!

               Kennels cleaned daily, inside and out!


               All kennels are indoor/outdoor!


               Our food is free with boarding! 


Each kennel gets individual attention daily. We provide blankets, bowls, food, and everything else that your furry family might need. If your dog needs his own special food or requires medicine, we'll gladly feed and administer it for only $1 extra. You're also free to bring your dog's personal belongings, just be sure that they're washable.



Exercises are available as well for those young pups who have too much pent-up energy or older dogs who might need some extra attention. 


Cats have their own special room for boarding. Each kennel consists of a two-section space with the smaller spot housing a litter box. Kennels are positioned next to a large window so your kitty can have a view of the outdoors. Each kitty condo is cleaned daily, and each cat is let out to play at least once a day, and as always, food is included. 


Exotic pets are a welcome addition to our other furry friends.  Some of our past guests have ranged from rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas, potbellied pigs, iguanas, to parakeets, amazons and cockatoos. Cages (bird or rabbit) can be provided for your pets, although you are free to bring your own. If possible, we recommend you bring your pet's food from home for their stay. 

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