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New Prices Starting August 2024

Rates for Large and Extra Large Runs will increase by $3 per night per dog, Kitty Condos will increase by $2 per night


Large Runs


1 dog:

$27.00 per night

Each additional Dog(in same run):

$15.00 per night


X Large Run


1 dog: 

$31.00 per night

Each additional dog(in the same run):

$17.00 per night

Day Care


$20 per run. Includes one playtime.

A daycare fee of $16 is applied for boarding pickups after 12 PM.





SuperSize Kitty Condos

1 cat:

$19.00 per night

each additional cat(in same condo):

$10.00 per night





Birds: $15 per night

Rodents, reptiles, and shelf pets: $11 per night





Playtimes: $3.50 for 1 dog, $2.00 for each additional dog.


Woodland Walks: $5.00 for 1 dog, $3.50 for each additional dog.



Rental Beds

Rent a raised PVC bed for your dog for only $1 per night! Rent for a week for $5!




If your pet takes any type of medication, we will gladly administer it for only $1 a day!

Special Diet

If your pet(s) need their own food, we can feed it for $1 per kennel per day.

Special Care

If your pet(s) need extra time and care during their stays, such as for consistent accidents or stress management, there will be a $10 fee to ensure they're comfortable. 

Our Rates

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