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The prospect of boarding your fur babies for the first time can be stressful. So we've compiled many of our most-asked questions here to help fill in the blanks and make your decision to board easier. Don't see your question here? Call or send us an email here:



Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?

For safety reasons, we do not let our dogs interact on the kennel property unless they are from the same family or boarding within the same kennel.

Do I need to bring my own bowls?

Unless your dog has a specific bowl and they refuse to eat out of others, you do not need to bring your own bowl. We wash our food and water dishes daily and do not want to get your pup's dish mixed with our own. Slow feeders are just fine as we don't provide those here.

Will my dogs get to go outside?

Yes! We offer playtimes and woodland walks for an additional charge, but even if you don't add these to your stay, your pup will get to go in and out at his leisure through a run door that separates the two areas. 

Can I bring my dogs' medication?

Absolutely! We can administer pills, so long as they can be given during our operating hours. 

Can my dog have his own treats?

You are free to bring your own treats but we provide our own as well. The only restriction we have is on rawhides.

Do you charge an extra night if we pick up after 12pm?

If you pick up after 12pm there is a daycare fee of $16 (regardless of how many dogs you are boarding) but you will not be charged for another night.

Can I call to check on my pets?

Absolutely! If it's a busy day you may have to leave a message but we will get back to you.

Can I come by for a tour?

Yes! However, it is by appointment only Monday-Friday. Feel free to give us a call and set one up!

What if I forget my vaccine records?

All vaccine records need to be dropped off or forwarded over before the pet is dropped-off. If you don't do this and forget your vaccine records then your dog will not be allowed to board. You may call your vet and see if they can fax over your records, but keep in mind they may not have hours that overlap with ours.

Are the kennels air conditioned/heated?

Yes! The kennel hallways are climate controlled and will have ac in the summer and heat in the winter. 

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